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You will always be welcome when you come to look around, spend some quiet minutes or to join us at a service. We will take pleasure in your company.



The Kenton Remembrance Day Service 2014



All Saints’ is about ‘all people’ and we therefore have a range of styles of church service so that everyone can feel comfortable worshipping here. Anyone may come to any service just to watch and see what goes on.

When you come to a service you will be met by one of our welcome team members. We don’t want to pry, but if you will let us we would love to get to know you. After the 10am Sunday services there is quality coffee. Please stay if you possibly can and enjoy the friendship.



Like any church family, some of us have a lot of faith, some of us have only a little and some of us may be just exploring. However, that doesn’t make anyone more or less important here. We are all on a journey, gradually discovering more of the incredible love that God the Father has for us and experiencing the special quality of life that we find in Jesus Christ.



From time to time we offer courses to explore what Christianity is all about. People sometimes come to these sessions feeling sceptical while others come trying to find answers to difficult questions. Either way everyone is welcome.


However, you don’t have to wait for a formal course to explore things that are concerning you. Many of us will happily talk about our faith. To arrange a discussion like this please contact one of the churchwardens listed on our church council page here.

You may prefer to talk with the parish priest or request a home visit. Revd Mark’s contact details are shown below.




At All Saints, we encourage a family friendly informality and explanations of the Word are made interesting to both little children and big children (adults) sometimes illustrated by Mark's friends (puppets)!

We all enjoy the opportunity afterwards for a chat and refreshments.

At a recent service, Elli's daughter Evie who is six, told us of her book with words and no pictures entitled  THE MIGHTY GOD; here is a link for you to read her first few paragraphs.  


Links below will take you to our service pages, maps to help you find us and some especially interesting future events.


Services: Service Times


Where Are We: All Saints Church, Kenton


Mamhead, All Saints Church Chapel of Ease: Here


Recent Events:  Kenton Baby Leo fund raising

                          Kenton Scarecrow in the porch

                          Kenton Church Yard maintenance

                          Kenton Teddy Bears Parachute Jump



Latest Events

Mon Aug 31 @ 6:30PM - 07:00PM
Prayer Meeting
Fri Sep 04 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM
Choir Practice


How can we help? - fill out our survey:

Being part of Community Life in Kenton

I am sorry to ‘go on’ about this, but I continue to be very impressed by the fact that in one important area Kenton runs right against the national trend. Almost every organisation reports that membership is falling and that for the most part; people are unwilling to volunteer to help, to participate, and to share in the life of their communities. Here in Kenton, things are somewhat different. It seems that people here are prepared to help and to be part of whatever is going on.

Recently I was in the Triangle area, thinking that I was pretty much alone with the traffic. Suddenly I became aware of yet another group of these participant Kentonians! Several volunteers were almost camouflaged as they were hard at work in the ‘Kenton in Bloom’ shrubbery.

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Zambia comes to Kenton

Don’t miss Parish Praise on May 10th at 10.00.

It is very special that people in Kenton have raised money to provide fresh, safe water for people thousands of miles away in Zambia whom they have never met. As you know, the Kenton Pump in Mazyopa is in full flow; helping to save and enhance lives. Indeed, the difference that clean water makes to a village has impressed the Parochial Church Council so much that it has decided to go ahead and raise the money to install a second clean-water pump in another Zambian village.

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Those Problems with the roof at All Saints

Sadly we were not successful in getting a government grant for the repair of the roof of our beautiful church! This is a considerable set-back! We felt that as stewards of a Grade 1 Listed Church, we had made a very good case. However, we are not down-hearted. Instead we are reorganising!

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Here is the latest news from our church.

All Saints Keeping in Touch (click on the day below to view the news)

Sunday 23 August 2015

Sunday 9 August 2015

Sunday 5 July 2015