Chat Cafe

 Can you Help Reopening Chat Café -  It is a meet up for secondary school children in a warm, dry, safe environment, once a week, over the winter months. On offer are board games, table tennis, pool, Play station suitable for 12+; And a tuck shop.

Chat Café ran in the Fellowship Rooms in church  on Tuesdays in term time, 6.45pm-8.45pm, in the Autumn.

To restart and be within legal safety parameters, there must always be two adults present.  On most weeks Pip will be one of those.  Could you help,  once per half term.  If so please let me know.  If your child is interested please contact me so that I can know numbers to expect.

To find out more contact:

Pip Bowhay (Tel: 01626 890746)      

NB: Pip holds DBS Certification


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