Giving to God Financially

These are important decisions that each of us needs to make before God. To make giving straightforward, there are three systems:

  •  We can give directly in the collection when we attend church.
  • A Standing Order or Direct Debit can be arranged so that a regular sum is transferred to the church account.
  • You can request a set of dated weekly envelopes for your giving. These are placed in the weekly collection.

The second and third systems have two advantages:

  • You give to God’s work regularly whether or not you are at church in a particular week/month.
  • If you pay Income Tax you can set up a Gift Aid n arrangement by which the church can claim back a percentage of the tax that you have paid on that money.


Many of you will be familiar with the weekly envelopes in the collection plate at our services. Very many thanks to those who contribute on a regular weekly or monthly basis. It helps, greatly, with our budget planning


The Gift Aid Scheme, operating in all churches and many charitable organisations, such as the National Trust and RNLI, means that we can benefit by re-claiming tax from the Inland Revenue.


If you are a UK tax payer, please consider becoming a member of the gift aid scheme. It involves nothing more than your signed declaration that you pay tax. You do not have to commit yourself to the same amount each time as no matter how small your gift is it is still of benefit to the church funds. Our church can then re-claim an extra 20p for every £1 given.


If you would like to know more or make a single donation to the church either to support the ministry or to preserve the beautiful church building please go to our contacts page and send a message to Rob Rand or Rachael Shearmur our joint Church Treasurers, who will be very happy to talk through these alternatives or donate below.


To give support to God's work please select "Supporting All Saints" 

To give to church building maintenance select "Church Building Support"

To The church clock repair is now fully funded. Thank you for your generosity

To give to our ceiling repair select "Ceiling Repair Fund"    This fund is now fully subscribed, thank you to everyone who has so generously donated to help  reopen our church.

 Thank you for your help


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